Brock Lette’s Up-Coming EP

Patience and progress go hand in hand. For South Coast musician Brock Lette whose fruits of labour are verging on ripe, the former statement couldn’t be more relevant.

I was able to catch Brock after a show at the University of Wollongong and chat to him a little bit about his up-coming EP and how it was “an itch that needed to be scratched”. Gifted with some serious vocal chords and limber fingers, Brock’s played public and private functions for years now but recording his own music has always been a goal.

For someone who started playing guitar due to simple sibling rivalry, as a musician he demonstrates skill, character and maturity. All of this you can see in his EP Higher Ground. Brock was nice enough to send through the un-mastered versions of his tracks for me to have a listen before the official release. Having seen Brock perform a few times it was very refreshing to hear him in a different light. Brock’s vocal ability has always shone through in his performance but the “band” addition allows for all elements to be appreciated equally rather than one taking lead.

The first track Alive opens with an ambient guitar atmosphere, reminiscent to a 90s slide guitar lick or something out of a Xavier Rudd song. The follow up track Hey Lady with a technical guitar melody leads off into the commendable work of producer Cameron Little. Brock attributed much of the album to Cam and insisted “Now the EP’s finished it’s completely different than what I expected…but 10 times better than what I expected.” The album catches elements of many singer-song writers of our generation from Jack Johnson to John Mayer.

The whole EP is really easy listening but the title track Higher Ground is probably my favourite. The album seems driven by feelings of being young and in love. I respect this in every sense and this is what allows me to do what I referred to before and appreciate these songs as a thought process in where the music is just as important in communicating emotion as the lyrics.

album brockThe album is getting mastered by Andrew Edgson at 301 Studios who’s done work for the likes of Matt Corby, Vance Joy and Empire of the Sun. I can’t wait to see the final product and assure you if you can catch Brock while he’s touring in October-November, it would be well worth it. Follow him on Facebook here. Photo’s courtesy of Jacob Stalgis.

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