Cosmo’s Midnight – Moments

Sydney-based band Cosmo’s Midnight have returned with their second EP, Moments. A listen or two in you can hear this is something the Inner-West duo wanted to make waves with, something they spent a lot of time on getting right. It’s got that bouncy jungle vibe about it but, in all seriousness, this is a compilation of 90s nostalgia and something you need to have your hands on.

The two title tracks, Snare (Feat. Wild Eyed Boy) and Walk With Me (Feat. KUČKA) are what helped prepare this EP for the limelight. Both tracks mesh so well in terms of lyrics and production. Every track on the release was constructed with a very specific feeling or atmosphere in mind; no compromise at all. With the massive success of fellow Australians Flight Facilities following the release of their debut album Down to Earth in 2014, you can’t help to think these guys are going to have a similar 2016.

As much as these tracks highlight the record, what surrounds is nothing short of impressive. There are so many contrasts of sounds and genres throughout, but that 90s hip hop, electro house feel shines on. Falling Out is a big one for me personally, just the massive drums and piano melody that seems to pop up out of no-where. You still find yourself nodding violently to the grime even after the song stops. Every song is so different but yet still able to hold similarities which is what makes this EP similar to that of a good movie, in that on first listen you’re not really sure what you’re going to get. The cliff hangers are so good that you watch (or listen in this case) it again and again out of sheer respect.

Moments by Cosmo’s Midnight, besides holding potential to be the best possible soundtrack to Crash Bandicoot, is a journey through time and space to the magical land of the 808s. There is no way you will play this album once and never again.

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